Private Information Share

Do you know who you are?

Did you know that according to the courts, “We the people”

are a nation of Kings and Queens (sovereigns)?

Do you wonder why our public servants think that you are their slave?

Do you want to know what you can do to change their attitude?

      1 Learn how they presume that you are one of their slaves.

      2 Learn the nature of their presumptions, and how to defeat their presumptions.

     3 Learn how we, (and our parents) gave them the right to make their presumptions, because of our own ignorance of the law, and learn how their   courts view it as a contract (we agreed to it).

     4 Learn how to turn them back into your servant.

     5 Learn how to get them removed (fired), and maybe even get them some free room and board (in jail), and how to get our public servants to take care of the problem for you.

     6 Learn why there is no justice in their de facto courts.

     7 Learn how they are operating under Martial Law (canon law) to bring you into a tribunal (inquisition), and how it is all nothing more than a commercial transaction.

     8 Learn how they convert your name, and create a trust with that name, and then play some games under law merchant to get you to be a surety for their fictitious entity.

     9 Learn how they are nothing more than a gang of pirates operating on the high seas of commerce, looking for some prize.

    10 Learn how they use certain words against you, and what some of those words are.

    11 Learn about remedies that are available to everyone, and how to stay out of their so-called contracts.

    12 Learn how you can stay out of their martial law jurisdiction (it is voluntary) – they have to have your consent!

    13 Learn about the ultimate solution and how our own de jure government is sitting there dormant, waiting to us to operate it.

    14 Learn how we can form our own common law juries, and grant juries, and bring indictments against them, and convict them, and if it is done properly, their de facto courts will recognize it.

    15 Learn about land ownership, and how you are actually a tenant.

    16 Learn the nature of land titles and how you can really own your land.

    17 Learn about the power of the position of the First Nations people, and how we can help each other.


Biography of Glenn Winningham; house of Fearn

- Was given birth (I am told) on the land of Alberta at Peace River - Went to high school on the land of Alberta at Raymond, graduated in 1975 – Lived for 8 years at Edmonton, as well as 7 years at Calgary, and 3 years at Toronto, and    have traveled all over the Dominion of Canada except for Yukon, Nunavit, and Prince Edward Island.

- Lived in California State, Utah State, Texas republic, Arizona State, Oklahoma State, Arkansas State, Kansas State, New York State, Indiana State, and have traveled in almost every other American state.

- Aerospace Engineering consultant (design and build airplanes) - Worked with law and regulations all day long, as far as aviation is concerned, for over 35 years.

- Traveled all over the world to Africa, Europe, and Asia – been across the oceans dozens of times.

- Speaker of the House of Representatives for the republic of Texas for about 18 months. We would pass legislation, then serve it on the State of Texas, and then the State of Texas would do what we told them to do.

- Currently a Charge d’Affaires for the republic of Texas.

- Studied Law on a part time basis for over 20 years

- Been to the US Supreme Court twice, (currently in the US Supreme Court a third time).

- 95 % of what we will talk about are things that I have actually done – this Private Information Share is not about somebody’s theories – there is a 100% refund available to anyone who is not completely satisfied, no questions asked.

The Private Information Share Seminar was recorded on Saturday March 19, 2011.

 Set #1. There are 3 DVDs set up as chapters to make your research very easy. There is also a mp3 audio CD included.
There is over five and a half hours of research. For a gift 80.00 for these DVDs and Audio CD.

Set #2. There is also a Arlington Texas November 2012 Private Information Share Seminar.
For a gift 80.00 for these DVDs and an Bonus mp4 DVD.

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Also get the CD with the Power Point Presentation and Files about his cases to help you understand his process.
For an additional gift of 100.00.

When you look through the DVD's you will find that in addition to the data files, there are:

1. Dozens of sound files from talk radio programs.

2. There are dozens of You Tube videos

3. There are at least 2 or 3 Private Information Shares in Canada and the USA.

4. There are also PowerPoint Presentations which come with free unlimited updates
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