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On January 1, 2 and 3 of 2014 the national and local news media have been alarming the public about the severe increase of the flu cases in Texas and a number of other states. They reported it was affecting small children and also young adults. A few years ago most people remember the stories of Bird Flu. Do you remember the problems discussed by Doctors and Nurses of the questionable additives in the Flu Shots? Do they have the same substances today? With the affordable health care act it seems everything is being questioned. Can you question your health care? Remember it is your body and you are solely responsible. You need to do your own research!



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The video HUNTING THE NIGHTMARE BACTERIA that aired on PBS program FRONTLINE on Oct. 22, 2013. This brings to our attention the serious problems with these super bugs like MRSA & STAFF INFECTION as you saw in the video! There are a lot of questions according to the video that need to be answered and the safety of both the patient and hospital personnel need to be the immediate concern!


In these 3 short videos below Dr. Pederson talks about:

Dr. Pederson talks about MRSA and how Silver Sol KILLS MRSA.

When dealing with such serious super bugs time is very important and many times critical; listen to Dr. Pederson explains how Silver Sol this super molecule works.

This product is patented, approved by the EPA and FDA.

Your first question should be: Is Silver Sol Safe?

Women there is a SPECIAL REPORT Women's Health DVD. This is a MUST SEE VIDEO for all Women! Dr. Cynthia Eaton, MD (OB-GYN) is building her entire practice around Silver Sol. The best price is about $4.79 each for a DVD that is 49 minutes in length.

The book Fighting Chance goes from A to Z of about nearly 300 uses of the Silver Sol Liquid and Gel. It is amazing how powerful this product is and the best price for the book is $5.59 each as you will see below at Amazon. To really appreciate this product you need this book to help you know what it can be used on and the proper amount to use.

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I had a good friend that passed away at the young age of 40 a few years ago. He got bit by a spider and he was always going back to the hospital because of infections related to that spider bite. I told his Dad about how I wished we would have known about Silver Sol then. You see he was not just a close friend he was a big brother to my son and a best friend to me.

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